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Mumbai Media expo 2014

Date:Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, India

About Us

Media expositions has in its core team, people with acumen, having a combined experience in advertising, publishing, marketing & event management and trade shows, which has made it produce mega events in India & abroad. Exhibitions and trade shows need a very high level of expertise and commitment, which many companies are unable to provide. Our mission is to bridge this gap, providing the best with highly competitive advantages. We have also successfully conducted international exhibitions in Singapore & Dubai in addition to successful shows all across India in all major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Bengaluru.

With an aim to give customers a stimulating experience through dynamic participation in our events. Media expositions in this short span have emerged as india's leading trade show organizers. Our in-house experts monitor every step to ensure the smooth running of these events, ensuring excellent organization and meticulous attention to details & are committed to deliver the best. A company that has produced more than 35 market leading trade exhibitions for various segments in addition to various magazines & advertising trade directories of repute.

Our Role, Our Purpose, Our Belief

  • Bestowing clients with the power to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Clear away the clutter and get clients a wide space in a crowded market
  • Present fresh ideas, innovative solutions, intuitive flashes & technological upgrades.

At a Glance

We have an extensive track record in media and play a multi-functional role in your marketing plans.

Over 30 years in Advertising
Over 10 years in Publishing
Over 6 years in Exhibitions


  • We understand different aspects of media and how it can help improve profitability and efficiency of our clients.
  • We build creative and innovative concepts and pride ourselves on the originality.
  • Our in-house experts monitor every step to ensure the smooth running and high success rate.
  • We ensure excellent organization and meticulous attention to details.
  • Guarantees stimulating experience through dynamic participation.


We pull off the seemingly impossible by choosing the right venue, picking the most charismatic exhibitors, producing an eye catching invitation, getting the work done on time or coming in under your budget.

We provide a platform, which is necessary and even vital rendezvous for professionals within and well beyond this segment.

  • From top notch to middle level executives, media to corporate world, private firms to government authorities; our exhibitions include one and all in their wide gamut.
  • We have created records in term of quality and quantum of visitors, which are attracted to our exhibitions. We attract visitors from all walks of life.
  • Guaranteed footfall due to high publicity using all mediums of advertising.
  • With consumer base becoming more and more segmented, our expos provide an excellent opportunity for face to face interaction.
  • Our expos are cost effective. In fact they are the best way to minimize your marketing budget.
  • Our events live up to international standards in term of quality, design and hospitality.